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Learning to use the right muscles in the correct sequence to maximize pitch delivery.

It is extremely important for each pitcher to develop proper body mechanics to ensure quality pitches. Teaching the largest muscle groups to fire throughout the pitching motion will not only increase pitching speed, it will take stress off of the smaller joints.

Injury prevention is our highest priority. Focusing on using the lower body to generate power, and the core for stability, will naturally improve the delivery of the pitch. A sample of some areas of Physical Mechanics to be studied and learned are:

  • Learning a proper warm up to minimize injuries
  • Recruiting the lower half of the body to drive through the pitch
  • Stride length as it relates to the line of power
  • Maintaining proper hip position and rotation
  • Arm whip and proper release point
  • Proper grips to improve spin and increase velocity and movement on the ball


Overcoming psychological barriers to help the pitcher maintain control of the game.

Great softball pitchers have the ability to maintain control and composure in tough situations. Learning to read the batter allows her to select pitches and use location to dominate the situation. Without this ability the pitcher can become fatigued by throwing too many pitches, increasing the likelihood of developing an injury.

At Complete Game, each pitcher will learn to develop a plan of action for each game. A sample of some of the areas of the Psychological Approach to be studied and learned are:

  • Learning proper pitch selection based on the hitters weaknesses
  • Developing off-speed pitches to keep the hitter off balance
  • Maintain composure and focus regardless of the count
  • Using different grips in the right way to stay ahead of the batter


Learning to overcome common fears and anxiety to maintain a positive attitude.

It takes great physical mechanics to become a top pitcher, but it takes a sound mind to keep you there. Even a pitcher with the best physical mechanics can still fall apart mentally during a game.

At Complete Game each player will learn to manage common emotions such as anxiety, fear, and doubt and maintain confidence in their pitch delivery. They will focus on overcoming common pressures and distractions. A sample of some of the areas of Mental Strengthening to be studied and learned are:

  • Developing a pre-pitch routine to overcome anxiety
  • Focusing on the “now”, playing one pitch at a time
  • Remaining focused on the aspects of the game that she can control
  • Recognizing mistakes and resetting our focus for the next pitch
  • Establishing player specific goals and a plan of action to reach them

“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech”

- Titus 2:7

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