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Learning proper technique to ensure a higher level of safety and performance.

A catcher takes a physical beating that no other position player takes, so having the proper catching stances and throwing mechanics is paramount in building a good catcher.

At Complete Game we continually reinforce proper catching mechanics to increase performance and reduce the risk of injury. We take an individualized approach with each player so that they will remain unique as they work to get to the key points in their catching game. A sample of some areas of Physical Mechanics to be studied and learned are:

  • Catching stances that will focus on balance, relaxation and quickness
  • How to condition the legs to be a catcher. We create drills that condition and stretch the muscles of the legs so a catcher can stay injury free and catch as many games as they can in a season
  • Blocking the ball the right way to reduce the number of passed balls and keep runners from moving ahead
  • Developing sound footwork and hand/glove exchange to maximize a catchers throwing ability
  • Throwing mechanics will be a major focus, as a catcher who can not throw, can not catch
  • Staying healthy: Foul tips, proper set up from the batter, and plays at the plate


Successful teams have catchers who take charge and lead their team physically, mentally, and strategically.

The catcher is the “quarterback”, the “leader”, on the field. A catcher who is lacking in self confidence or leadership will struggle at a position that needs an abundance of those qualities and more. As a catcher we have to handle all parts of the game: pitching, defense and running the game on the field.

The psychological part of catching can be just as taxing as the physical component. Our goal is to strengthen the areas we are weak in and learn how to become the leader that every coach and teammate needs on the field. A sample of some of the areas of the Psychological Approach to be studied and learned are:

  • The pitcher/catcher relationship
  • Calling a game that fits the pitcher and reading opposing hitters to help formulate a game plan
  • Taking charge of the game. A good catcher is not always the “rah rah” guy, he can lead in a quiet manor that gains the respect of his teammates
  • Staying healthy: Foul tips, proper set up from the batter and plays at the plate


Overcoming fears related to performance and safety are crucial for any player who works behind the plate.

There are many components to catching that can result in fear and anxiety within a player. These fears will limit the production of a player, regardless of how talented they may be. Even worse, fears are one of the root causes of players getting hurt.

Having the ability to coach yourself through periods of doubt and nervousness will lead to greater performances and a higher level of enjoyment on the field. A sample of some of the areas of Mental Strengthening to be studied and learned are:

  • Preparing your body and mind for the daily grind of catching
  • Don’t take your at bats to the field. How a bad at bat can hurt your defense and your team
  • Coaching yourself through moments of doubt and fear through self-talk
  • Increasing aggressiveness in every aspect of catching: calling the game, receiving, throwing, blocking, etc
  • Create a positive attitude within yourself that will have a positive affect on the entire team

“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech”

- Titus 2:7

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