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IMG_4414In-season training is firing up at Complete Game. High school baseball teams have been practicing and the Rec/Travel teams will be on the field in less than a month. This means the time has come to shift away from off-season workouts to in-season training.

March through July is in-season for most baseball players. During this period our focus is on improving the player for their next game, as well as strengthening the foundation for the remainder of their season. During the spring and summer months we will make sure each player’s physical mechanics and mental approach stay on track by focusing on their “Training vs. Game” performances. We rely on the player and parent to supply us with game video prior to the start of their session so we can look for any inconsistencies. We will also work to get to see the player in live game action, so we ask everyone to submit their game schedules when they receive them.

The adjustments during in-season training will be comfortable for the player to apply whether they have a game that night or the following week. Volume of throws for pitchers are determined by that player’s routine: when did they throw last and when will they throw again?  What hitters work on within the lesson are specific to each player, with a heavy emphasis on drills to strengthen a weak spot in their swing.  Homework will be given at the end of each session to encourage positive, consistent results for their next performance.


A player’s mental approach and the way they prepare themselves for each game is just as important as their physical mechanics.  What we think about, whether it be on the mound or in the batter’s box, is crucial to our success.  During each lesson we will work with the player to ensure that they are thinking about the right things while on the field, and work on blocking out all the other “noise”.  We will also work on correctly reacting to failure on the field, and not letting a few bad pitches or at bats affect our approach.    

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