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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a hitter it is very important to make sure that we live pitch to pitch during an at bat.  One of the most common mistakes I see younger hitters make is that they lose their focus on the rest of an at bat if they make a mistake.  They swing and miss, or foul a ball off, and they think the at bat is ruined.  They get visibly frustrated in the box, and it affects the rest of the at bat.  Instead of thinking about the next pitch, they are instead dwelling on the pitch they made a mistake on and they lose their focus.

To fix this problem it is very important that each hitter has their own reset button, something that they can do in between pitches to help let go of the mistake and focus in on the next pitch.  This button may be something like stepping out of the box and grabbing some dirt and throwing it on the ground, fixing your batting gloves, or even taking a deep breathe in and out.  Self-talk will always help to push the distractions out and center your attention on something positive and constructive.  Whatever it is that will help refocus the hitter, and get their thinking back to pitch to pitch instead of what they did wrong.  To be a consistent hitter it is important that we are 100% focused on each pitch, and having a solid reset button for that focus after a mistake is a great way to keep our mind right and our at bats quality.

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– Ian Wukitsch (Complete Game Batting Instructor)