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The 2017 Complete Game Summer Camps Have Been Announced!!

2017 Summer Camp Poster Picture

Each summer Complete Game puts together highly instructional camps where players learn how to become the best player they can be. Each camp is filled with personalized, hands on training from our team of instructors, focusing on the needs of each individual player. In these camps the player will not only develop the proper mechanics behind hitting, pitching, base running and fielding, but gain a better understanding of the mental aspect of the game as well.

Complete Game camps are always highly personalized for each specific player,
focusing on the player seeing short term and long term results in their game, as well as increasing their chances of staying healthy on the field. Our goal is to help have a
positive impact on each players physical and mental game through both instruction and
fun. Players will not only learn how to develop their skills as a player, but also learn how to become a better teammate, as well as bettering themselves off the field as well.

Following each camp, each athlete will see an immediate improvement in not only their on the field play, but in how they conduct themselves off the field as well.


Why Complete Game:

  • Highly personalized and focused on the individual
  • Proper mechanics in pitching, throwing, batting, fielding, and base running to
    increase performance and decrease risk of injury
  • Heavy focus on developing a stronger mental approach
  • Video analysis to bring about lasting change
  • Custom itinerary for all players to prevent any conflicts with summer teams
  • Positive environment for each player to learn and have fun playing baseball