What People Are Saying About Us

Troy T.

“I would never have been able to accomplish what I’ve done without Patrick. Complete Game prepares you not only physically, but also mentally. Complete Game provides you with all the tools you need in order to be successful, no matter how old you are. Patrick is one of the best people I know, and truly cares about you on and off the field. He has trained some of the best athletes in the area, and I am grateful for all that he has done for me.” – Troy T.

Vince F.

“Patrick, I can not thank you enough for what you have done in my both my baseball career and in life. We have accomplished so much this far. I say we because from the moment I had tommy John surgery in 2010, through my recruiting process, and now in the offseason of my college career you have always been there to support and help me. I can’t express the level of thanks to you for always having your door open for training and your phone on for whenever I need you’re advice. Thank you for keeping me driven and motivated for every single throw. Your genuine desire to help me succeed and achieve my dreams surpasses anything I have experienced. Things like attention to details and having the I WILL attitude will stay with me for life and I truly would not be where I am today without you. You have seen me at my worst but your loyalty and drive drove me to become my best. For this and so many other reasons is why I will forever call you family.” – Vince F.

Sharon M.

“Patrick taught my son Sam a lot more than just how to be a successful pitcher. He connected with Sam on a personal level and taught him important life lessons such as mastering hardship, trusting himself, emotionally dealing with winning and losing, good sportsmanship, fair play, honesty and integrity. Over the years Patrick earned my sons utmost respect and admiration. THANK YOU PATRICK for helping Sam exceed his potential as a pitcher and shaping him into the fine young man he is today.” – Sharon M.

Sonny P.

“Patrick Stanley is more than a pitching coach. He’s a mentor and positive role model for my son. He genuinely cares about my son’s development as a person not the baseball player. Patrick is an enthusiastic leader who has the ability to explain and teach the craft of pitching. He is a thoughtful, responsible, honest and dependable person that I would recommend to any family looking for a pitching coach/mentor for their child.” – Sonny P.

Brian A.

“My son Jack has been going to Patrick Stanley and Complete Game since it’s inception. Jack went from being cut from his middle school team in 7th grade to receiving a baseball scholarship. That never would have happened without Complete Game. Not only has Patrick’s teaching provided Jack with the help and discipline to fulfill his pitching goals he’s helped him grow as a young man. Thanks Patrick!” – Brian A.

Bob S.

“My son has been working with Patrick for over a full year now. Like many trainers Patrick knows a lot about baseball, but more essential, he has the unique ability to teach young adults about commitment, hard work and the importance of Focus.” – Bob S.

John L.

“When my wife and I decided to put our faith and trust in Patrick with our son, it was not only because we thought of Patrick as a good coach, but we thought of him (more importantly) as a good man.” – John L.

Sally L.

“We don’t know where Jake would be without Complete Game. Jake has truly grown as pitcher, competitor and as a young man, not only because of Patrick’s coaching, but also because of his mentoring and friendship. The life skills and lessons that he has learned from you will be something that he will carry with him as he pursues D1 baseball and life in general.” – Sally L.

Tony C.

“Patrick Stanley is the best one-on-one baseball trainer I have ever seen. My son had some unique areas that needed improvement and if left to the regular group training available, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Patrick’s ability to pin point each individuals physical and mental weaknesses is unprecedented. It’s his passion and transference of belief that makes these kids respond. He gets my highest recommendation.” – Tony C.

Kristin K.

“Our sons have been training with Patrick Stanley for over three years, and we are continually impressed with the way Patrick’s instruction meets their changing needs as they grow and develop as baseball players. It is a pleasure to send our children to an instructor whose message is always positive and supportive. We highly recommend Complete Game.” – Kristin K.

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