Colonials Showcase Team

Making College Baseball A Reality

What Is The Mission Of The Colonials Showcase Team?

To see each of our players commit to the highest-rated academic and athletic college program that fits them best. Our measure of success is you achieving your goals of becoming a student-athlete at the next level!.


How will we accomplish our goals together?

High-Quality Tournaments

Choosing a schedule that attracts the most college coaches and targets the entire northeast area to maximize playing exposure.

Proper Positioning

Playing and developing at the position that best suits your skill set to be recruited.

Communication With College Coaches

Learning the needs and criteria for the programs of your choice through personal relationships with college coaches.

Recruitable Attitude

Training you on how to conduct yourself in all situations, on and off the field, to ensure you present yourself as a quality person to a college recruiter.

In-Depth Training

Individualized physical and mental training to improve results at tournaments and showcases, stay healthier on the field, and eliminate the red flags in your motion that would be a deterrent to a college coach.

Mid-Week Workouts

Staying sharp between tournament events with practice and scrimmages to help batters see live pitching and allow pitchers to get game-action work in.

Players Best Interest

How you are trained and how lineups are set are tailored to best fit each individuals needs.

One Team

Only one showcase team to guarantee that we know the abilities, desires, and needs of each one of our players in order to help them advance.

Personal Workout Membership

Allows you to get in additional work in the facility each week on your own to strengthen the areas of weakness we targeted in organized team and individual activities.


Does The Colonials Showcase Uniform Fit You?

If you are 17u eligible then you meet the age requirements for our teams. But, that doesn’t mean we are a good fit for each other. Please ask yourselves these questions:

“Will I start/continue to make my grades a top priority?” - The fastest way onto the college baseball field is through the classroom. Grades are the first question a college coach will ask when inquiring about a player.
“Is it important for me to see physical and mental growth on and off the field?” - You have already performed well to be considered for this team, but in order to advance to the next level and fight for significant playing time, you will have to grow both mentally and physically. Our training will give you the ability to expand your game in all areas.
“Do I have the ability to excel past high school?” - This is a difficult question and sometimes hard to answer. We will always tell players what they need to hear, which is not always what they want to hear. If you are unsure of the answer to this question we will be glad to help you discover it through an in-depth workout and consultation.

Yes to all? Then we are a fit for each other.

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