What We Do

One-on-One Pitching | 30 min | $65

This 30 minute one-on-one pitching lesson will include a warm-up, pitching session to analyze mechanics, mechanics work to adjust mistakes and build muscle memory, full throwing to conclude. The amount of throwing will depend on the time of year, as well as what will benefit the pitcher most. Each lesson is tailored 100% to the individual to bring them to a higher level of performance on the mound. Parts of mental strengthening are also included in these sessions.

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One-on-One Hitting | 30 min | $65

One-On-One hitting instruction that will focus on bringing immediate, and lasting, improvements to your physical and mental approach at the plate. Some of the areas covered are: Learning to Create a Better Swing from the Ground Up; Improve Mechanics and Results While Staying Unique; Lower Body Balance, Stride and Hip Rotation; Upper Body Hand Location and Grip; Bat Angle; Head Placement; Situational Hitting and Bunting; Mental Strengthening; Establishing a Game Plan; Much More!

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Precision Meets Power Throwing Lesson | 30 min | $65

A common misconception is that pitchers are the only ones to suffer arm injuries. Numerous position players have found their career cut short due to a severe injury that was directly linked to improper mechanics. This lesson will not only improve the athlete’s chances of staying healthy on the field, it will also help increase his power. After an initial warm up, we will work one-on-one to breakdown the player’s current mechanics and reveal the adjustments necessary. Each lesson will conclude with the athlete putting into practice his adjustments through a series of throws.

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Behind The Dish | 45min | $75

One-on-One catching instruction with an in-depth approach to the physical and mental side of catching. Areas of instruction include Proper Footwork; Arm Strengthening; Increasing Pop Times and Accuracy; Set-Up and Alignment; Calling a Better Game. Lessons will focus on individual needs and will progress based on your own personal development.

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One-on-One Softball Pitching | 45min | $80

This 45 minute one-on-one softball pitching lesson will include a warm-up, pitching session to analyze mechanics, a mechanics session to adjust mistakes and build muscle memory, and full throwing to conclude the lesson. Mental strengthening is included in these sessions as well. Perfect for pitchers who want a quick tune-up before a game or for young students ages 8 and under.

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Partner Session | 45 min | $50 per player

Partner Sessions are great for siblings or friends who work well together and are looking to increase their ability. In conjunction with Sports Science, both players will work to adjust their mechanics together, but based on need they may be focusing on separate changes. Both athletes will get plenty of repetitions and will benefit from the use of video analysis to understand, and make, the adjustments they need. Partner sessions are highly personalized and promote focus, work ethic, and a healthy attitude of aggressive competition. These workouts work great for any players regardless of their age or skill level.

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Staff Work | 60 min | $40 per player

Staff Sessions work great for 3 to 4 players who are able to focus and train well together. Like the partner session, players will work to adjust their mechanics together, but based on need they may be focusing on separate changes. Each athlete will learn how to emulate a game environment and improve their own performances through repetition and focusing on others. Video analysis is utilized to show players the adjustments they need and how to correct them. Staff sessions are highly personalized and allows for each athlete to improve while remaining unique.

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Team Workouts

Welcome to Spring Training! In a camp-like atmosphere, we will work together as a unit to improve our game both physically and mentally. Whether we are working on all areas as a team, or staying position-specific in pitching, hitting, catching, or fielding, our training will be personalized and focused on the individual. Areas of focus for our training will include:

– The proper way to warm-up before a practice and a game.
– A well-developed throwing program to increase arm strength and accuracy.
– Fielding technique and execution for all positions.
– Holding runners on base, pick-offs, and avoiding balks (for age appropriate teams).
– Proper mechanics for each pitcher during individual bullpens.
– How to properly give and receive signals (includes catchers).
– Blocking, footwork, and throwing mechanics for catchers.
– Improving swing technique and developing an approach at the plate.
– Learning where to be on the field defensively in all situations.
– Base running to improve results and increase chances of staying healthy on the field.

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