Colonials Club Teams

What Is The Mission Of The Colonials Club Teams?

The purpose of our teams is to see young athletes reach their mental and physical potential both on and off the field by giving them the attention and focus they deserve.


Understanding the responsibility they have on the field in every situation.


Aggressively responding to every situation with a positive perspective towards themselves and towards others.

Work Ethic

Putting in the time to build muscle memory and increase quickness, control, and consistency.

Proper Mechanics

Regardless of the position on the field or at the plate, there are certain key motions that need to be met to improve results and increase chances of staying healthy.


Realizing the possibilities and limitations of their own body to establish a throwing motion and a swing that is ideal for them as the individual.


How will we accomplish our goals together?

In order for each athlete to maximize their experience, we must have a concentrated amount of time to work through the physical and mental adjustments necessary for the individual. We will work on developing each player's physical mechanics in their swing, pitching/throwing motion, and fielding form through an extensive off-season and in-season training program to ensure that each player reaches their maximum potential.


Video will be utilized at various times during games to bridge the gap between performances in practice and during competition.


Positive encouragement and instruction throughout. This means no more verbal criticism absent of correction; no more putdowns or finger pointing; no more acceptance of foul behavior from players who perceive their performance to be less than acceptable.


An individualized plan for each player to address their current needs.

Progress Reports

Monthly progress reports for parents and players to have awareness of where they are currently and where they need to improve.


Included membership for personal batting practice throughout Winter, Spring, and Summer. Allows you to come in each week on your own and strengthen the areas of weakness we targeted in organized team and individual activities.


Does The Colonials Uniform Fit You?

If you are 13u - 16u eligible then you meet the age requirements for our teams. But, that doesn’t mean we a re a good fit for each other. Please ask yourselves these questions:

  • Will I start/continue to make my grades a top priority?
  • Is it important for me to see physical and mental growth on and off the field?
  • Am I going to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to greater performances?
  • Will I carve out time from my personal life to work on the areas that are being coached up in practice?
  • Can I be supportive of my teammates regardless of my own results?
  • Do I have the skills to compete for playing time and prime spots in the batting order?
Yes to all? Then we are a fit for each other.

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