Pitching Clinics

Pre-Season Clinics Start March 5th

Four Week Pitching Clinic To Prep For A Successful Season On The Mound

Our pre-season pitching clinics are back and will start up on March 5th. These clinics are crucial for pitchers preparing for their spring season. For 4 weeks we will increase each players individual motion through personalized adjustments, as well as incorporate an indoor long tossing program to build up arm strength. Our bullpens will begin with tightening up their motion, shifting to game situations as the beginning of spring approaches. Like always our clinics are HIGHLY PERSONALIZED and bring positive physical and mental change to each individual athlete.  We accomplish this by keeping the focus on the individual and the adjustments they need.  Video analysis will be used to solidify their adjustments and give them a better understanding of what needs to be done and, most importantly, why the correction is necessary.  Groups are kept small to ensure each participant receives the focus they need and the attention they deserve.

Ages 8-12: Monday’s from 6:30p – 7:30p 

Starting March 5th, all players participating in the Prea-Season Pitching Clinic will improve their abilities on the mound while remaining unique. During this 4 week training period, players will start by sharpening their mechanics on the mound through throwing drills, focusing 0n individualized adjustments along the way. Throwing will intensify each week and players will begin to shift towards game situations.  

Some of the areas of focus include: Proper Set-Up in the Stretch and Wind-Up; Alignment; Stronger Balance Throughout the Motion; Utilizing More Core Strength to Relieve Pressure on the Arm; Increase Spin on the Fastball and Change-Up and how to Best Use Them to Lower Pitch Counts; How to Properly Use the Lower Half in an Aggressive, Efficient Manner; Attacking Both Sides of the Plate; Using All of Their Grips in Various Counts and Situations; Controlling Emotions During Competition; And Much More!!!

 Clinics Run for 4 Weeks starting March 5th. Cost for Pre-Season Clinic is $199

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Pitching clinics are offered each winter for players ages 8 to 18. Clinics run 8 weeks long, and groups are limited to 4 athletes to ensure that each player receives the hands on personal training they deserve. Over the span of the clinic, players will begin by emphasizing mechanical adjustments, transitioning to preparing their bodies and minds for the start of the season. Areas of focus include:

  • Developing and understanding proper throwing mechanics
  • Keeping hitters uncomfortable by aggressively and effectively throwing inside
  • Understanding the in-game adjustments needed to overcome adversity
  • Sustain a sharper focus both on and off the field
  • Build confidence, aggressiveness, and a positive perspective
  • Pitching successfully with runners on base for players who pitch from 50’ and above

In conjunction with Sports Science, each player will have their mechanics recorded and analyzed throughout the clinic. This helps both track each players progress and
improvements, as well as show them how to sustain their mechanics long term. In addition, players will learn how to increase their chances of staying healthy on the field.