Hitting Clinics

Pre-Season Hitting Clinics Start February 27th

Six Week Hitting Clinic To Bring About Positive Transformation & Dominance At The Plate

Our Pre-Season hitting clinics are back and will start up on February 27th. The training we provide will give each player an opportunity to become more dominant at the plate, both in mind and body.  Each player will be better prepared to utilize their skills in a more effective, efficient way at the plate.  Our clinics are HIGHLY PERSONALIZED and bring positive physical and mental change to each individual athlete.  We accomplish this by keeping the focus on the individual and the adjustments they need.  We use technology to advance the hitter’s mind, helping them gain more information to make better decisions at the plate.  Video analysis will be used to solidify their adjustments and give them a better understanding of what needs to be done and, most importantly, why the correction is necessary.  Groups are kept small to ensure each participant receives the focus they need and the attention they deserve.

Wednesday’s from 6:45p – 7:45p

During this 6 week Hitting Clinic, all players will improve mechanics while adding power and bat speed to their swings.  Players will build awareness at the plate and become more effective in various counts and situations.  Some of the areas of focus include:  Gaining Knowledge of Where to Hit Pitches Thrown in Different Locations; Using the Hands to Create More Bat Speed Through the Zone; Learning How to Properly Utilize the Back Leg to Create More Power; Hitting Through the Ball to Learn Proper Extension After Contact; Develop a personalized pre-pitch routine for more comfort and stability; Ball/Strike Recognition; Situational Hitting; And Much More!!

 Clinics Run for 6 Weeks starting February 27th. Cost For The Pre-Season Hitting Clinic is $299

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Each summer, fall, and winter Complete Game offers 5 to 8 week long hitting clinics to players of all ages. These highly personalized clinics focus on improving each players mechanics at the plate, as well as develop their mental approach when they step into the box. A sample of some of the areas covered in the clinic include:

  • Balance and Hip Rotation
  • Proper Bat Angle
  • Maximizing Bat Speed
  • Hitting the Ball to All Fields
  • Having the Proper Approach at the Plate
  • Situational Hitting

In addition each player will be given highly instructional hands on training with attention going to each individual players needs. Players will also be filmed every other week, and have their swing broken down by our highly skilled instructors, to monitor each players process throughout the clinics. The numbers of players per coach are kept small to ensure each player receives the attention they deserve.